DaWei HP500 Power Station Battery

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HP500 Specs

  1. The rechargeable portable power station can keep most of your electronic products charged and stay connected. It can be an emergency power backup at home or for off-grid power supply.
  2. With compatible solar power charging, the power station can perform as a solar generator. So you can have an unlimited power source from the sun and keep charged on the go.
  3. Featuring 2 AC outlet, 1 DC carport, 4 USB ports, and an LCD display, the power inverter can charge multiple devices at the same time, and you can have a clear understanding of the battery level and charging power
  4. Battery management system (BMS)and power on/off buttons ensure the charging safety and protects your charging devices from over-charging.

Capacity :

 444Wh  120,000 mAh / 296wh 80,000mAh

Battery: 3.7V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cell battery
Output AC power: 500W pure sine wave, 60Hz 120V/ 50Hz 230V



 Outdoor Party Solar Generator. Easily-stored in RVs and trailers, the 500W capacity provides reliable power support for your RV or Van. No need to worry about running a noisy gas generator for power. It's also great for camping. 


What can this HP500 power

The HP500 is great for all your E-bike, drill,TV, Electric Grill laptops, tablets, or multiple USB powered devices.

Electric grill(900w) 50 minutes                                                                                                                        Laptop 4-6 Recharges

Mini Fridges 7+ hours

Drones 5+ times

Lantern 90+ hours

32’’ LCD TV 3+ hours


1*DC output car port 12V/10A
4*USB output 5V/2.4A
2* AC Output 500W pure sine wave, 60Hz 120V/ 50Hz 230V
Input 15V/4A 
Solar Panel Input 18V
Lighting 1W